When I was in university studying environmental issues I felt powerless to change all the huge problems we face.

When I realized that change starts from within I looked for a practical path to help me educate people on the importance of living an environmentally conscious life.

This lead me to learn about nutrition and how our food choices can make a political statement, and enable us to take an environmental stand all while cooking up delicious food and building community. 

Since becoming a mother my focus has expanded to include the importance of taking care of ourselves and our families all in an ecologically responsible way.


My vision is to empower you to take control of this crazy world by demanding better for yourself, our families, communities and environment, and by raising children with these same shared values.


I’ve built this website to provide you with simple ideas for you to practice eco friendly self care and tips for running an eco friendly household, all while considering the environment in all aspects of daily life.


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