Feeling the Winter Blues?

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Yesterday was Blue Monday, the day when the winter blues start to set in. Most people attribute it to post-holiday let down, constant bad weather, failed resolutions, and holiday bills piling up. But another crucial factor is our lack of vitamin D in the winter.

We all know that vitamin D is manufactured in our skin when it comes in contact with ultraviolet rays. And that because we’re covered head to toe in winter clothes right now, Canadians tend to develop deficiencies of this crucial vitamin in the winter months.

Vitamin D can be stored in our bodies, so that means that we may have had some on reserve that is running out around this time of year. And because it is needed to keep our moods up, it’s logical that we will start to feel a little depressed by January. Vitamin D is also needed for proper absorption of Calcium so it is very important for children who are developing strong bones, and menopausal women who are at risk of osteoporosis.

Getting enough vitamin D from food is not all that easy once you have a deficiency, so I take a 1000iu drop of vitamin D everyday to maintain health and prevent deficiency. It’s completely tasteless and can be added to pretty much any food I’m eating. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should ensure you’re getting at least 1000IU per day, especially in the Winter. Be sure to check in with your health care provider to find your exact vitamin needs.

Note that Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, which means it needs fat to absorb properly, and therefore needs to be consumed with a food which contains fat. And logically, it is found naturally in foods which contain fat: Egg yolks, oily fish (such as sardines, salmon, herring and mackerel), milk, and to a lesser extent, mushrooms because they grow in the dark and need to create their own vitamin D, crazy eh?!

So if you’re not planning a trip to Mexico in the next week, I recommend you don’t skip the yolks, and better yet, ask your health care provider if a Vitamin D supplement is right for you : )

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