21st Century Revamped Trail Mix ~ The Finale

A Lil’ Somthin’ Extra
(Gingery Chocolate Cravers Trail Mix recipe below!)

What’s trail mix without the occasional uber-tasty surprise?  It’s important not to go overboard here, just add enough of these goodies so you get one or two in every couple handfuls:


  • Cacao nibs:
    Adds a raw chocolate boost providing you with a tiny bit of caffeine, and loads of antioxidants. Plus remember how we chatted about cacao being nature’s love drug? (check out my Valentine’s post to read more on this…)
  • Chocolate covered anything
    Of course you could go for the classic chocolate covered fruit, choosing dark chocolate which has less sugar and more anti-oxidants. But I really love chocolate coasted coconut chips, delish!
  • Crystallized Ginger:
    OMGosh, sweet and spicy, together at last! Crystallized ginger is anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, and is a funky way to brighten up your trail mix.
  • Roasted nuts and seeds:
    Tamari roasted almonds, spicy pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds, etc. all make tasty additions to savoury trail mix. But because they have been roasted, their omega 3 & 6 oil quality is decreased. So go ahead and add them to your mixes but make sure that raw nuts and seeds make up the bulk of your proteins.

Somthin Extra Final


Gingery Chocolate Cravers Trail Mix:

¼ cup    Brazil Nuts, halved
¼ cup    Macadamia nuts
¼ cup    Hazelnuts
¼ cup    Goldenberries
¼ cup    Cranberries
2 tbsp    Chocolate Coconut Chips
2 Tbsp   Crystalized Ginger

Combine all in a jar, shake up and try not to eat in one sitting!
Gingery Choco Mix
So there you have it! The latest and greatest ideas for 21st Century Trail Mix! It’s the ultimate functional food!

I’m sure I’ll see you at the health food store this weekend stocking up! : )


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