Gluten Free and Me

I have to confess, until recently, I was still eating gluten. *insert collective crowd gasp*

I wasn’t having it daily, but wouldn’t turn it down on occasion, and would still purchase items with gluten such as Ezekiel wraps and whole grain pitas when the mood struck. But a recent little change in my health has lead me to believe that I should probably cut it out (along with dairy) and see what happens.

So here I am, eating my first gluten-free pita and I’m impressed with the quality!


Gluten Free Aidan's



I’ve bought several items from Aidan’s gluten free and they certainly don’t disappoint. They use Whole grain, are non-GMO, and so far all of their products have been tasty. Plus the pita didn’t break apart when I stuffed it… Overall a winner!! Today’s lunch was pita stuffed with Chinese five spice ground chicken, cucumber, tomato and sprouts. Yum!

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into gluten free, there are so many options out there now; you don’t have to live on substandard gluten free, mostly starches/not actually food, bread-like products anymore! How’s that for a description!? Haha!

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