Eating for Two, No Big Macs Required!


Eating for Two: 250 – 300 calorie snacks

Did you know that it takes about 70,000 calories to grow a baby?  That’s a lot of energy!  And that’s why it’s so important to ensure that you’re getting enough calories while pregnant. But it can be tricky when you’re nauseous, or your stomach is being pressed against by your little bun in the oven.

The Importance of Nutrient Dense, Whole Foods

Eating energy efficient food while pregnant is a great way to both maximize your nutrition and calories. You can achieve this by focusing on consuming foods which are both calorie dense and nutrient packed. And avoid consuming empty calories such as pop, fries, and crackers which will provide you with lots of energy, but do little to add to your daily required nutrients such as folic acid, iron and calcium.
Enjoy Safe Snacking 

So what snacks should you be eating? Below is a little list of snacks between 250 – 300 calories which is the approximate amount of extra calories you should aim to consume per day during your second and third trimesters:

Hummus & Veggies
½ cup hummus (240cal)
1 cup carrot sticks (50cal)
= 290 calories

Fruit & Nut Butter
1 apple (70cal)
2 tbsp apple butter (189cal)
= 259 calories

Salad Booster
½ cup chickpeas (140cal)
2 tbsp hemp seeds (113cal)
= 253 calories

Mini Meal
½ chicken breast (150cal)
1 tbsp cheddar cheese (100cal)
½ apple (35cal)
= 285 calories


You’ll notice that all of these snacks have a balance of a carbohydrate with a fat and/or protein. This is because this is the best strategy to keep your blood sugar balanced and steer clear of gestational diabetes.


Check out my recipe below for a Classic Green Smoothie which is nutrition packed, and 285 calories. This makes one big portion but keeps well if you want to have it for two separate snacks in the same day. Simply keep it refrigerated, or stored in an insulated coffee mug.


This shake is a nutrition bomb!

It contains:
Iron rich spinach
Antioxidant rich strawberries
DHA oil to help prevent mommy brain
Protein and nutrient rich spirulina (which also gives this shake an extra green colour)
Calcium rich almond milk.
Also, because it contains healthy fat and protein, it won’t spike your blood sugar even though it contains strawberries and honey.

With tasty snacks like these, there’s no need to eat high calorie, nutritionally devoid food while trying to reach your extra calories! : )



Green Smoothie

Classic Green Smoothie for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

1 scoop                 Protein powder (80cal)
2 cups                   Spinach(15cal)
1 cup                     Strawberries (50cal)
2 tsp                      Pasteurized honey (40cal)
½ tbsp                   DHA Flax Seed Oil (Flora) (60cal)
1 tsp                      Spirulina (10cal)
1 cup                     Unsweetened almond milk (30cal)
1 cup                     Water
Blend together for a quick nourishing 285 calorie mini-meal!


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