Healthy Fresh Salads & Exploding Kombucha; An interview with Jesse Lane Wellness

Making Healthy Fresh Salads

I have a confession… I tend to find salad boring, I fall into the same old ruts of just throwing some greens on a plate next to my protein of choice, maybe adding some additional chopped veggies, and drizzling olive oil and balsamic. Don’t get me wrong, this is better than nothing, but it’s hardly inspiring. That’s why I ordered a copy of Jesse Lane Wellness’ eCookbook Healthy Fresh Salads. It’s full of fresh new salad ideas (pun intended ? and it’s added some much needed jazz to my salad game.

Jesse and I spoke a few weeks ago about Healthy Fresh Salads and I’ve included the interview below. We chatted about where Jesse finds her inspiration to create such delicious recipes, and how we can get the most out of her cookbooks. She gives us some tips for eating healthy when you have small children and very little time, and points us to some healthy craving satisfying desserts in Healthy Dairy Free Desserts for my pregnant mamas-to-be out there. Finally, don’t miss Jesse’s exploding kombucha story at the end when I ask her about any recent kitchen blunders. : ) 

Here’s a couple of the recipes I have tried …

Up Beet Quinoa Salad


The combo of roasted beets and feta in this quinoa salad makes it earthy and absolutely delicious. I ended up making it a warm dish because I didn’t want to wait for the quinoa to cool down,but I think I enjoyed it all the more!  Quinoa is a protein rich grain, and combining it with chickpeas adds an additional protein boost. It has a rainbow of veggies and a tasty lemon dressing.   


Japanese Caesar Salad


This imaginative take on a traditional salad is spot on. Shiitake mushrooms, pickled ginger, spicy chickpeas and miso dressing come together to make this Caesar salad unlike any you have tasted before. I served it up with a sesame glazed trout filet which made the perfect match! 



Get the cookbook

I liked this cookbook so much that I asked Jesse if I could offer it for sale to my clients and she agreed! Along with 2 other fantastic eCookbooks: Healthy Dairy Free Desserts and Holistic in the City: 21 Day Smoothie Guide. All 3 can be found on my Shop page.

Get the book