Spring Cleaning Pantry Clean-out!

The month of April is all about clean-ups..


Spring Cleaning the House

Spring cleaning my house with homemade natural cleaners and essential oils (details to follow in the coming weeks).


Diet Clean-up

Cleaning up my diet (too much bloating wheat and dairy entered my life while pregnant and breastfeeding, time to get them out!).


Goodbye Alcohol

Also, goodbye alcohol for the month of April! I was drinking approx 1 drink per day and it’s too much for me, my eczema has flared and I’m bloated. Plus I need to fit into a bridesmaid dress in June so now is the time to get rid of the last of my mommy-tummy by cutting out some useless calories.


Cupboard Clean-up 

And cleaning up my cupboards! I took everything out of my top two shelves and took an inventory. I have sooo many dried beans that I never use and it’s my goal to get through them by eating vegetarian meals and then to refresh my stock, because even dried beans go stale if you keep them for years like I did.


Meal Planning Tip! 

I made a list in the Reminders app which I shared with my husband Derek. So we can easily shop our cupboards first while meal planning. This will help us get through our current food and help encourage shared responsibility for meal planning. Luckily Derek’s background is Trinidadian and he’s no stranger to eating beans : )



The whole pantry including my chaotic baking shelf, that’s a challenge for another day.


The top two shelves housing beans, grains and convenience foods. I’ll have to hide that Annie’s Mac and cheese from myself, too tempting!


Some delicious black eyed peas I made using dried beans. I didn’t realize that you don’t need to pre-soak them! You can just boil them for an hour and a half and they are good to go. Even Derek and Elliot loved this dish : )


First time grocery shopping with Elliot! He was mildly impressed but not in this picture LOL

I’ve been lucky to have my hubby doing the shopping since I was about 6 months pregnant, and now I’m taking on that responsibility once again! 

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