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I was inspired to focus on women’s reproductive health and to help women grow healthy families from tummy to mummy because of my own challenges with infertility. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in 2015 after a year of trying unsuccessfully to conceive. I’ll never forget the day I sat in a doctor’s office and heard her say “You’re infertile”. It was one of the worst days of my life.

At the time of the diagnosis I was 35 and my clock had been loudly ticking for quite some time, so I made the difficult decision to undergo fertility treatments to conceive my beautiful boy Elliot. Luckily I responded quickly and didn’t require IVF, however the whole experience was months of overwhelming physical and emotional extremes and exhaustion.  Going through fertility treatments, then having to carry a baby for 9 months, could have been extremely draining. However, because of my nutrition background I was able to ensure I was eating well and taking the supplements necessary to carry a healthy pregnancy with good energy and very few pregnancy symptoms/ailments throughout.  

I went back to school to add women’s fertility to my practice because I’m passionate about helping women avoid this experience. And I continue to offer pregnancy and postpartum nutrition guidance because  I wholeheartedly believe that the key to a healthy world starts with healthy individuals and families, and I know that healthy individuals begin with a healthy mommy and pregnancy.  Babies nourished with nutrient dense whole foods in the womb have all the health advantages needed to start their lives and grow into vibrant adults ready to take on the world and kick-butt following their life’s purpose.


I hope that you have found inspiration in my story to take your health to the next level. Please visit my How I Can Help You page to view my services and my blog for lots of great info and recipes to get you started on your journey to vibrant health. 

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