How I Can Help You

Nutrition Consultations

One-on-one Nutrition Consultations are designed to create a diet and lifestyle plan custom built to your goals.   I will look at your past and present health and nutrition to determine your nutritional future, all while providing you with support on your path to vibrant health.

Preconception Planning & Detoxing

Many of us take birth control for so long that by the time we’re ready to start a family, we need guidance on how to monitor our cycles to become pregnant. I can help you to find your most fertile days, and guide you (and your partner) nutritionally to ensure you’re eating the best foods and taking the best supplements to help you conceive.

I also offer detailed pre-conception detoxing plans to help you prepare to host your special visitor for 9 months.

Infertility Nutritional Support & Treatment 

Should you run into infertility issues we can work together to balance your hormones and treat infertility related conditions naturally such as amenorrhea, sporadic periods, PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, low egg quality, hypothyroidism, and low sperm count and/or quality for your partner as well.  

Pregnancy Nutrition & Treating Pregnancy Symptoms Naturally 

For pregnancy nutrition clients, I’ll evaluate your diet to identify any nutritional gaps that may need to be addressed. I’ll teach you which foods and herbs to avoid during pregnancy, and we’ll address any of those pesky pregnancy ailments naturally. This is especially important for those with special diets such as vegetarians and vegans, celiac diets, etc.. 

Postpartum Recovery & Getting Your Groove Back 

For new moms, I can help you with a post-delivery recovery plan, advice to boost breast milk production, detailed plans to lose baby weight, balancing hormones for increased energy and libido, and much more. I will custom build a program based on your goals and support you all the way through your journey to vibrant, vivacious health.


Would you like to book me to do a workshop for your organization?
Do you have a group of moms-to-be for which you’d like to organize a cooking demo, class or workshop?

I’m happy to do specialized workshops, please send me an email or give me a call to chat about topics and rates.


Covered by several insurance providers

Pre-consultation chat about my services: Free!

Initial consultation (1.5 hrs): $250
Follow-ups (45min): $100


All consultations are over Skype for maximum flexibility 

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